Weber Kettle Premium Grill Vent Settings

The Weber Kettle Premium grill is an exceptional grill. The one thing I noticed very quickly was the vent damper lever was misleading in the open to close positions. There is only a small band that actually functions the vents. Outside of that band the vent is either fully open or fully closed.

I spent a few minutes “calibrating” my vent settings. I recommend you doing the same “calibration” of your vents if your grill is different. It takes less than 5 minutes, and it will help you with temperature control. Temperature control is the key to success to delicious BBQ.

Vent Fully Open

Weber Kettle Premium Vent Full Open -CharcoalandFire

Vent 1/2 Open

Weber-Kettle-Premium-Vent 1:2 -CharcoalandFire

Vent 1/4 Open

Weber Kettle Premium Vent 1:4 -CharcoalandFire

Vent Settings

Weber Kettle Vent Settings -CharcoalandFire

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